FLCV Open Show 2021

The date for the Finnish Lapphund Club of Victoria Open Show has been set for 2021. After our 2020 shows were cancelled, we’re very excited to see everyone back in the show ring. We encourage all our wonderful members to consider entering, or coming along on the day! SAVE THE DATE!

Fundraiser for Sarina Laurin

On the 1st of February 2021, Lappie breeder and FLCV member Sarina Laurin had a bushfire tear through her property in Western Australia, destroying her home and other buildings. Luckily, Sarina and her family were safe, and they were able to move their dogs and horses out of harm’s way. Although the property was insured, insurance payouts

COVID Kilos for Dogs

It’s been a joke since lockdown began all the way back in March, but now that restrictions are lifting and summer is upon us, we’ve had a few concerned pet parents mention how their beloved lappie has put on a bit of extra weight during quarantine. This can be due to a few reasons. Less walks or doggie activities

To sniff or not to sniff?

We’ve always been told to offer our hand to a dog when meeting them for the first time, so they can smell our scent and “get to know us”. But is it really the right way to meet a dog? Maybe not! A recent viral Facebook post from Eureka Dog Services, a dog training company

Pawgust 2020

In 2019, we raised just over $2400 and our team raised the 10th highest amount for the Guide Dogs. That was simply amazing! We’d love your support to hit that same target again this year. You can donate to our team (so you don’t have to pick a favourite person) here. If you’ve got a

Raising a puppy in a pandemic

Have you recently brought home a puppy? Are you considering adding a four-legged family member? Do you have a friend with a new puppy?  In the current climate, many puppy training clubs, groups and schools have moved online and the many ‘firsts’ your puppy will experience may look very different due to the pandemic. For

Working from home with your Lappie

Are you adjusting to working at home with your Lappie around? We all know our dogs love to be the centre of attention, so here’s some helpful tips to ensure you remain productive while working from home. Set designated play breaks – just like you’d take a break to make a cup of tea, head to the water

February FLCV Meet Up

On Saturday the 22nd of February, the quiet of the Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens was interrupted by a chorus of very excited Lapphunds singing the song of their people. The weather was perfect for our short walk around the lake with several happy Lappies and their humans. Joined by a few prospective new owners, the Gardens provided