Are you adjusting to working at home with your Lappie around? We all know our dogs love to be the centre of attention, so here’s some helpful tips to ensure you remain productive while working from home.

  1. Set designated play breaks – just like you’d take a break to make a cup of tea, head to the water cooler or stretch your legs in the office, use this time to play with your dog. You can use this break to perfect a trick, play hide and seek or simply give your dog a belly rub. 
  2. Use your lunch break effectively – once you’ve had a bite to eat, head out with your dog for a walk during your designated lunch break time. This will also mean you get some peace and quiet from your dog in the afternoon, a perfect time to schedule those online team meetings or video conferences. Alternatively, you could use this time to do a training session.
  3. Give your dog a long lasting treat – keep your dog happy by giving him/her a long lasting treat like a cow hoof or deef antler. This will keep him busy for a decent period of time. 
  4. Don’t give in to whining, begging or crying – do not reward negative behaviour like crying or whining for attention by giving your dog what it wants. Use this time wisely to teach your dog to settle quietly while you are home, using treat dispensing toys and rewarding quiet, calm behaviour.
  5. Bring out the toys – keep your pooch pre-occupied with toys that boost mental stimulation like a KONG or Furrymates Co. Toothy.
  6. Create a dog-free zone – if your dog is simply too distracting (they’re Lappies, naturally they are distracting), put him/her outside and pretend you aren’t home. He/she is sure to set into their normal routine after a short time.

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