The Finnish Lapphund Club of Victoria is pleased to announce our next event, a Breed Lecture with UK-based Finnish Lapphund Breed Specialist, Toni Jackson.

Breed Lecture Details

Sunday 24th March – 8:00PM – 9:30PM AEST

This event will be an online webinar, with the webinar link shared once you have registered via the link below.

The lecture will be free for current 2024 members. A small fee of $5 for non-members.

For the best experience possible for our attendees, this is a live-time event only. We will not be distributing or making available any recordings at this stage.

If you’d like more information, please contact [email protected]

Learn more about Ms Toni Jackson (UK) – Elbereth Finnish Lapphunds

I grew up into a family with Pyreneans & Border collies, and we were successful in breeding and showing both breeds, including Crufts BOB with Ch Dordavian Mardonius and my first appointment awarding CCs was to Pyreneans in 1996 and in border collies in 2002. I first came across the Finnish Lapphund in 1989 when the first bitch was imported to the UK by Sue & Roger Dunger, and through their friendship I showed Sulyka Lecibsin Nilla before getting his daughter, Sulyka Mischa at Elbereth in 1992. Mischa or Echo as she was known at home was a significant winner before the breed was fully recognised by the UK KC. Gaining the WW02 title along with her son WW02/03 Elbereth Peikko at Glenchess at the Amsterdam world show under Kari Jarvinen, she became my foundation bitch and is behind many of the Elbereth dogs of today. Echo was also “famous” for being the first bitch in the UK to be mated outside the country (Finland) and returning under the UK’s pet passport scheme, prior to that the only way to import dogs was involving 6 month’s quarantine (or the Balai directive). Her litter to Fin Ch Lumiturpa Nörri was very influential in the UK and provided foundation stock for many other UK kennels, including, Glenchess, Oberitz, Tabanyaruu.

With the help of Finnish breeders I was able to use some lovely influential dogs at stud and import a number of delightful bitches. Whilst visiting Finland on many occasions to watch shows and visit breeder homes I learned more and more about the breed, and judged the breed at Crufts in 2005 before Challenge Certificate were on offer (required to gain Champion status), and then in 2006 was invited to judge the breed and award CAC in Finland (the first UK judge to do so), my winners were BOB to Int & Fin Ch Lumiturpa Otso (bred by Matti Takanen & Riitta Takalo from Pompparinniityn Singer x Lumiturpa Oikku), BOS to Fin Ch Lumiturpa Jäähile (Lecibsin Hurmuri Hukka x Lumiturpa Aasa) with Best Veteran to Fin Ch Kotikulman Onnenoikku (Lecibsin Catiano x Kotikulman Pohjanakka) and, Best puppy was the dog puppy, Jäkäläkummun Selmi (Terhakan Seastu x Jäkäläkummun Naruska). In 2011 when the UK KC granted full status to the Finnish Lapphund I had the honour to award the first Challenge Certificates in the UK, BOB was Multi Ch Fidelis Duuri and BOS was Glenchess Unelma (Otso in fact taking the res CC). Once CCs were available in the UK Elbereth Matkamies became the UK’s first Champion and his sister the second (Elbereth Kia joins Bridus) Matkamies holding the breed record from 2011 to 2022 with 22 CCs (21 different judges). His daughter Elbereth Pelinainen holds the bitch record on 19 CCs and was BOB in Crufts 2016.

As a judge of Finnish lapphunds I have judged in all Scandinavian countries, (Finland twice), awarded CAC in Finland, Sweden and Denmark, plus judged the Speciality in USA and France. In the UK I am approved to judge CCs in breeds in the pastoral, working and utility groups and judge the Pastoral group itself. Covid got in the way initially of plans to visit Australia and now I am delighted and honoured to have the opportunity to judge at the FLC of Victoria’s Speciality.

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