The Finnish Lapphund is an arctic spitz herding breed descendant from the harsh Lapland region of northern Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia. They were traditionally used as working dogs by Sami farmers in the care of their reindeer herds.

While they are a beautiful breed, of medium size, with a full coat which comes in a rainbow of colours, (the most common being black with tan and/or white markings), their appeal is also in their lovely temperament. Words often used to describe them are intelligent, friendly, eager to learn, calm and submissive with people. They are a lovely family dog, with a particular fondness for children.

One should always remember, however, that they are a working dog, and as such are active, with needs for both physical and mental exercise. Puppies and adolescent’s can belie the claim that they are a “calm” breed at times. They also were bred to use their voices a lot during their traditional work, so they can bark a fair bit in play and will also bark to alert their owners to intruders (often including cats and possums).

As a spitz, they can also be a touch more independent than some of the other herding breeds, and respond best to positive forms of training.

They have a strong need to be an important part of their family’s life, and will be most happy spending time with you, whether that be on walk, down at the local café, on a day’s outing, or sitting in front of the TV at home.