History of the Finnish Lapphund

The Finnish Lapphund is an ancient breed. Its spitz type forebears were used by the semi-nomadic people known as the Sami in the role of ‘helper’ dogs.  Over hundreds of years, the Sami people adopted a more sedentary culture, which revolved around the keeping of reindeer herds. During this time, the role of their dogs evolved from hunting and protection to herding reindeer and watching over stock.   The first standard of the breed was established by the Finnish Kennel Club in 1945 and was known as the Lapponian Shepherd Dog. This standard included both longer and shorter coated dogs.

In 1967 these two types of Lapponian Shepherd dogs were separated; the longer coat dogs were given a separate standard and were call Lapinkoira (Lapphund) the shorter coated dogs became known as Lapinporokoira (Lapponian Herder). In the 1970s the type and overall appearance of the breed became fixed and the standard was revised to reflect these changes. The breed name was again changed to Finnish Lapphund in 1993. The standard was revised in Finland in 1996 and an English translation was accepted by the Federation Cynologique Internationale in 1999.

FLCV Club History

The Finnish Lapphund Club of Victoria had its origins with a group of Lappie enthusiasts meeting a few times a year for group walks and picnics. In late 2008 the idea took hold that it was time to commence planning for an official Club and all of the benefits that could bring.

​A small group started the process of bringing the FLCV into existence in early 2009. The FLCV became incorporated in February 2009, and was approved as an Associate Affiliate of Dogs Victoria, Inc in April 2009, making it the official Club for Finnish Lapphunds in Victoria. At this time, the FLCV commenced the call for general membership, launching with a Lappie Walk and Picnic to be held 20 June 2009

The first FLCV Annual General Meeting was held in 2010.

The Statement of Purpose of the FLCV is available for download on the Club Rules page, along with a copy of the official FLCV Rules.

In 2011, the FLCV became fully affiliated with Dogs Victoria, and held their first Finnish Lapphund Specialty Championship Show in June 2012. You can find all the information and photos from the FLCV Champ Show on the Champ Show page.