Sunday 8th of December saw the annual Big Day Out for Dogs and Christmas Market, held by Dogs Victoria at KCC Park in Skye.

The FLCV have been at the Big Day Out every year for several years, and 2019 was once again an opportunity for the public to meet some examples of our lovely breed and for owners to let their dogs participate in some fun, and perhaps purchase some goodies for their furry friends!

This year we had a spot on the far side of the main show arena, and had a variety of dogs ranging from a few months old to a couple of veterans. The weather was sunny without being scorching, so very pleasant conditions for chatting and patting, and some owners of Lappies who otherwise don’t often come to club events dropped in to say hello with their dogs. Members of the general public just looking at all the dogs, as well as some people who were well on their way in looking for a Lappie for their family, also came to ask about the breed or just admire our willing models.

Several people who kindly brought dogs also came with the intent to participate in one or more of the various displays and demo sports, starting with all the Lappies who found our position opposite the tunnel course operated by the German Shepherd Dog Club just too convenient to resist having a go!

The standout of the day was Leevi (pictured), with his owner Nicole Wain, who participated in the agility and games demonstrations and won the Best Food Catcher and Best Paw Shake competitions, along with lots of food! Quite a number also had a go at the lure coursing fun runs, and a few took the chance to have a photo with Santa. As always, the opportunities to spend some money on things for the dogs were numerous, with the Christmas Market offering everything from dog-friendly accommodation to puppuccinos, and everything in between.

The FLCV also had their Christmas ornaments available for purchase, and distributed a good amount of previously ordered fundraiser items.

Many thanks to Sue Taylor for being the person to get there early and start setting up, Wayne and Sue Sharp for bringing along much of the club equipment, and Helen (who came all the way from Geelong to be there), Jess, Alice, Robyn, Blaze, Nicole and Don for help. Also thanks to Mimi, Skipper, Maddi, Helvi, Kimmie, Indy, Wunjo, Astrid, Dukino, Mischa, Leevi, Tarja, Aslak and M for being beautiful for all their fans.

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