During May, the Southern Finnish Lapphund Society (one of two Finnish Lapphund breed clubs in the United Kingdom) held a ‘virtual show’.

Entries were open to Finnish Lapphunds from anywhere in the world. So, with the lack of ‘real’ shows, Australians jumped at the chance.

The show drew 497 entries, from around 15 countries, and raised £1000 to enable the Royal Veterinary College to undertake genome mapping of an Addison’s affected Finnish Lapphund.

There were six judges: Marja Talvitie, Juha Kares, Jussi Limatainen, Reino Korpela, Esa Ruotsalainen, Annukka Paloheimo Segersven – all from Finland.

If there were more than 30 dogs in a class, the judges placed ten; otherwise to five. 

Australian owned dogs did particularly well, forming placings in many of the classes. 

Congratulations to the following placegetters from Australia:

Open Dog – 34 entries
2nd     Zuleika Gold Digger
           Stephanie Ives & Rachael Holloway
7th     Taigakoira Elohiiri
           Terri MacDonald
9th     Caleebra Diamonds in the Sky
           Shareen Chouffot & Nicole Naismith

Champion Dog – 37 entries
3rd      Sup. Ch. Taigakoira Tahtien Valo
            Huey Miin Lim
5th      Sup. Ch. Armahani Heliodorr Halu (AI) RA
            Jacqualine Lincoln & Kateryna Yeap
7th      Ch. Snowfyre Alluring Apollo
            Chrissy Fitzgerald
9th      Ch. Snowfyre Legend of Tomorrow (AI)
            Chrissy Fitzgerald
10th    Ch. Lempo The Black Mamba (AI)
            Melissa Scriven

Veteran Dog – 19 entries
5th      Ch. Lapinlumon Vehlo
          Roslyn Seare, Chrissy Fitzgerald and Brady

Best Head Dog – 74 entries
3rd      Ch. Snowfyre Cauzin Kaos
            Chrissy Fitzgerald 

Puppy Bitch – 14 entries
1st       Jarfa’s Shining Star
            Huey Miin Lim

Open Bitch – 37 entries
5th      Taigakoira Pohjantahti (AI)
            Terri MacDonald
6th      Lapinluna’s Lapintahti
            Terri MacDonald

Champion Bitch – 41 entries
1st       Ch. Lecibsin Sametti
            Shareen Chouffot & Glen Brassington
3rd      Multi Ch. Lapinlun’s Onnentytto
            Terri MacDonald
6th      Ch. Theldaroy Xpensive Treasure (AI)
            LC & RA Seare
10th    Ch. Lempo Kielo
            Melissa Scriven & Taylah Debono

Veteran Bitch – 12 entries
1st       Ch. Neut Ch. Armahani Diamond Dansut (AI) CCD RA ADX JDX SDX SPDX GD HT ET JC WPD
            Michelle Gurney
5th      Gr Ch. Kalevi Cheri Flora HT
            Melissa Scriven & Alexander Mulady

Best Head Bitch – 88 entries
6th      Ch. Theldaroy French Scandal
            LC & RA Seare
7th      Lempo Aussie Affair
            Helen Green

Rainbow Bridge Dog/Bitch – 25 entries
4th      Sup Ch. Kalevi Fire and Flame
            Melissa Scriven
5th      Gr Ch. Lumiturpa Emmi CCD RE JD HT
            Jacqualine Lincoln

Social Distancing Dog/Bitch – 54 entries
1st       Caleebra Captain America (AI)
            Shareen Chouffot & Nicole Naismith
3rd      Ehana A Day To Remember (AI)
            Kira Sergiacomi

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