We are now calling for sponsors for our classes.

The support of sponsors helps us to make our shows as great as they possibly can be.

Names of sponsors will be included in the show catalogue and placed on our website.

We’ll also recognise you on our Facebook page and Facebook group.

Available classes

Best in Show$100
Runner up in Show$75
Dog Challenge$50
Bitch Challenge$50
Reserve Dog Challenge$30
Reserve Bitch Challenge$30
Best Baby Puppy in Show$20
Opposite Baby Puppy in Show$15
Best Minor Puppy in Show$20
Opposite Minor Puppy in Show$15
Best Puppy in Show$20
Opposite Puppy in Show$15
Best Junior in Show$20
Opposite Junior in Show$15
Best Intermediate in Show$20
Opposite Intermediate in Show$15
Best Limit in Show$20
Opposite Limit in Show$15
Best State Bred in Show$20
Opposite State Bred in Show$15
Best Australian Bred in Show$20
Opposite Australian Bred in Show$15
Best Open in Show$20
Opposite Open in Show$15
Best Neuter in Show$50
Runner Up Neuter in Show$25
Neuter Dog Challenge$25
Neuter Bitch Challenge$25
Reserve Neuter Dog Challenge$20
Reserve Neuter Bitch Challenge$20
Owner, Breeder, Handler Sweeps$25
Veteran Sweeps 7-10 (Whole Class)$50
Veteran Sweeps 10+ (Whole Class)$50